Germany's Thorsten Hohmann Wins 4th World Straight Pool Title

Thorsten HohmannIn what was a repeat of the 2013 final, Thorsten Hohmann defeated defending Champion Darren Appleton on Sunday to lift his 4th World Tournament of 14.1 title at Amsterdam Billiards in New York City.

Regarded by many as the ultimate American Pool table game Straight Pool, or 14.1, requires levels of concentration and pattern play not usually seen on a pool table.

When you consider the feat of a 147 break in snooker we may think that is the ultimate and in some respects most certainly is. However, to make a 147 break it only takes 36 pots. Compare that to 14.1 (yeah I know the tables are smaller and the movement of the cue ball will be less), where players regularly make runs of over 100 pots and with a world record over 400 you really start to see how difficult this game is.

The game is also continuous which means when you get to the 15th ball you re-rack the other 14 balls. That 15th pot is used to break open the pack to continue your run. Anyway I digress somewhat.

Hohmann had never been beaten in a World 14.1 final, and similarly Appleton was actually unbeaten in the event since the 2013 loss to Hohmann. Appleton could also have become the first non-US repeat champion. Whichever way you looked there was history in the making.

It was a match that took over 7 hours and with some decent runs being made, but nobody would have predicted that the scoreline would have finished the way it did. Hohmann won the match by a solitary point 300-299 to lift the title yet again.

After the match Darren Appleton said, 

"I got unlucky a few times but so did Thorsten. Of course I'm disappointed of the result because I have been playing well all week. But Thorsten deserves it. He is the best straight pool player in the world."
"Darren has proven he is one of the best in the world in just a few short years. His patterns are perfect now", said Hohmann. When asked if he was chasing the World 14.1 record of 10 wins by Ralph Greenleaf, Hohmann simply answered," I just love straight pool. I keep playing for that reason."
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