Kickstarter Campaign for a Carbon Fibre Cue Case

July 03, 2015 13:53

Something quite interested landed in my inbox this morning so I decided to share it with the masses of readers of the Billiards Boutique blog!

I am sure many of you have heard of crowd funding and many will have also heard of Kickstarter, a crowd funding website?

Well I am sure there has been projects for the snooker industry in the past but this is the first one I have become aware of as it literally landed in my inbox.

A man up in Liverpool called Bryan Jones, who has numerous years experience in aerospace manufacturing and a PhD in Engineering, has started a project to fund what he claims is the worlds first Carbon Fibre Snooker Cue Case.

The sample images on the Kickstarter page make the cue cases look very smart and sleek and Carbon Fibre itself is very string and light weight so there probably is a market for it.

The only downside I see to the project is that they need to raise £18,000 to get it off the ground. In the next 30 days. That and the cost of the cases does seem very high, now whilst it is designed to be a luxury product the prices (from what I can ascertain) are a lot higher than a consumer would normally pay. My only comparison being a genuine leather cue case that retails for between £130 and £180, these cases start at £290.00 on the Kickstarter page if you want to have one of the first run.

It is great to see some innovation in an industry that is very conservative so for that the project is applauded but is there a demand for cases at that price point? Time will tell. 

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