Billiards Boutique Agree Black Heart #1 Snooker Cue Tips Deal

July 03, 2015 10:12

Black Heart #1 Snooker Cue Tips

Billiards Boutique are very pleased to announce that they are now the exclusive European Distributor of the Black Heart #1 Snooker Cue Tip.

Black Heart tips have got an excellent reputation in the American Pool market but this will be the first opportunity for snooker and English pool players to have a go with a tip specifically designed for them.

The Black Heart #1 is a premium layered Boar skin cue tip that is manufactured into a soft density.

The construction of the cue tips is such that it allows greater control of the cue ball and when well-maintained will provide sufficient levels of cue ball spin.

The Black Heart #1 Snooker Cue Tip is currently available in three diametres, 9mm, 10mm and 11mm. These sizes allow for minimal wastage when cutting the tips to fit onto English pool cues or snooker cues.

Billiards Boutique based in Portland, Dorset, have been given the full European Distribution rights on this premium brand of layered cue tips.

Pete Williams, owner at Billiards Boutique, commented, "I am delighted that we have been presented with this opportunity. I thank the team at Black Heart for not only producing a product of the finest quality, but for also working with us to launch this product into the European territory. 

It gives our business its first step into the world of wholesale snooker supplies and we hope will be the first of many exclusive agreements that will be agreed over the next year."

Consumers can currently buy the Black Heart #1 Snooker Cue Tips directly from the Billiards Boutique website or via eBay and Amazon accounts.

Any snooker hall, billiards supply company or retailer that would be interested in carrying the Black Heart #1 Snooker Cue Tips can contact Pete Williams directly via email ( to receive the current wholesale rates.

Click the link to view the complete range of Snooker Cue Tips available at Billiards Boutique.

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