7 Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas Under £25.00

Snooker and Pool Gift Ideas for Father's Day

It's Father's Day on Sunday, yes this Sunday, the 21st June.

Don't panic, there is still time to grab a great Father's Day gift and still get it delivered in time.

Below you will see 10 great last minute gift ideas that are perfect for the pool or snooker playing Dad in your life, and all of them are under £25.00.

  1. Talisman Pro Layered Cue Tips - These premium quality pigskin leather cue tips come in a variety of sizes and density grades to suit any playing style. If not sure which size or grade to go for then opt for 11mm Medium as they can easily be trimmed down to fit the majority of snooker cue ferrule sizes.
  2. Grand Leather Cue Tips - Recently new to our range the Grand Leather Cue Tip is a very consistent pressed leather tip that have been selling very well to our regular customers with some very good feedback. They are all in 10mm diametre which is perfect for snooker cues. There are a range of pack sizes available and the tips come in soft, medium and hard densities. Soft is our most popular.
  3. Peradon Leather Magnetic Chalk Holder - Chalk is not the classiest item to buy in the world but these genuine leather chalk holders are a fantastic gift. The chalk fits into a small metal clip that is then magnetically held to the leather fob. If you want to add something extra to this gift then pair with Triangle Chalk, the world's most popular chalk.
  4. Super Aramith Pro Cup English Pool Ball - One of the most sought after and widely purchased accessories in our store since its release about 6 years ago. This cue ball is in 1-7/8" diametre making it perfect for English Pub style pool tables as it will fit in the ball return system. Comes in a genuine Aramith blister pack. The balls show the amount of spin being applied to the cue ball so act as a good visual reference for practice as well as being slightly nicer to control due to the weight and balance of the ball.
  5. 5 Piece Elkmaster Cue Tips Accessory Kit - We launched this bundle of products back in 2008 originally and it has gone on to become one of our all-time best selling products. In this kit you get everything you need to fit, shape and maintain a cue tip. They are available in various tip diametres and are the only manufacturer that offers 0.5mm sizes.
  6. Cue Silk and Sil Kleen Value Pack - Buying these products help to keep a cue clean and smooth. They remove grime, sweat and chalk residue and add a gliding finish to the shaft to make cueing all the more easier.
  7. Billiards Boutique Gift Card - If all else fails and you have really left it right until the last minute then you can always provide your Dad with a Gift Card, we sell them digitally (delivered via email) in values from £10 through to £200.

There are of course loads of products to choose from on Billiards Boutique but those listed above are some of our favourites and best sellers. In addition they are all of course under £25.00 so make a great little Father's Day gift. If you want guaranteed next day shipping in the UK then select the upgrade at checkout (it costs £6.99). Alternatively all this week we will be shipping items via 1st Class post so you should be able to order up until Midday on Friday and still get the items on Saturday.

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