7 Reasons to Buy a Stunning Britannia Steel Snooker Cue

Britannia Steel cues have actually been available for a number of years. However, it is only recently that the marketing effort and the actual cues in the range has been finalised in brochure form. This has seen a much more structured approach from the distributor that has made it much easier for us as a retailer to select the cues we require when we want them.

In this article I am going to give you 7 very good reasons why you should consider buying a Britannia Steel Snooker Cue as your next cue purchase.

1. The 'Steel' element in the name is actually Aviation grade stainless steel and is used both in the joint (on the 3/4 models) and the ferrule. This gives improved durability over standard brass. The joint itself is a 'vaculoc' type joint that is one of the most solid joints we have come across. It gives a very firm hit and means you can really feel the shot through the ash shaft.

2. Each cue is made using only the finest selection of ash available which gives very good chevrons down the length of the shaft which is perfect for those players that use this as a sighting tool.

3. Deep black Gabon Ebony is hand spliced to create the butt section. This is both aesthetically pleasing in contrast to the ash but also means the cues are very naturally balanced by using the density of the wood. 

4. All of the cues in the range (except the traditionally styled Black Arrow) have multiple hand splices in the butt using a variety of exotic woods. These woods include Zebrano, curly maple, eucalyptus burr, laos burr, thuya burr and sycamore that is mainly used in the veneers.

5. They have some of the most precise splices we have ever seen on a snooker cue and are supplied with a mini butt as standard.

6. Each one is fitted with a Grand Leather Cue tip, and is usually around the 9.7mm mark. These tips are selling fast from the Billiards Boutique store as a standalone product and play very similarly to an Elkmaster. they give very consistent control of the cue ball and also means the cues are ready to play - bar the chalk - straight out of the box.

7. There are 11 different models in the standard range to choose from which means there will be at least one of these superior quality snooker cues that will appeal to you. Prices run from £169 up to £239, so for the price point you should expect the quality that these cues offer.

    That should give you a more in depth insight into this stunning range of professional quality snooker cues. The Britannia Steel range are available to buy now and below are some of my favourite models:

    Britannia Steel Polaris 1 Piece Snooker Cue 

    Britannia Steel Black Arrow 3/4 Jointed Snooker Cue

    Britannia Steel Viper 3/4 Jointed Snooker Cue

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    Ben Williams - August 15, 2018

    I really like the Britannia cues I bought one last year and it played brilliantly and I loved the fact it had a small tip 7.5m, but the problem I’m having is the ferrel is not durable enough for the way I play so my question is…. do they do the steel range with the smaller tip as I can only see the cues with the 9+m tips in the steel range…..?
    Thanks…. Ben

    Derek savage - March 8, 2018

    Darrell I got one of the Storm models and it fits in 2 cases I have with no issues . I have a standard 3/4 Riley case that I got for £30 from Rileys website and this holds the shaft , the butt , the mini butt and telescopic extension along with 2 pieces of chalk . I also have a 3 piece wide Riley Sightright case which I really like . Its £50 and is red and white . It holds all mentioned above , plus a mini tele extension and cue towel and accessories such as tip tool , chalk clip , Q rite etc…. I had 2 red leather straps made for mine and it really looks the business . I look like a pro , pity I cant play like one ?

    DARRELL BENEDICT - December 7, 2017


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