Buffalo Dominator II American Pool Cues

2nd Generation Buffalo Dominator American Pool Cues

The second generation Dominator American pool cues from Buffalo have been out for some time but sometimes we don't get onto a product at release.

With a completely new front end design the Dominator II series brings together modern sporty style with high performance technology.

Available in four different models, all of which pack the same punch, the Dominator II series use AAA Canadian Maple shafts that are fitted with the Buffalo SCT ferrule system.

What is the SCT Ferrule System?

Firstly, SCT stands for Shaped Charge Technology.

This is quite a clever piece of technology to use in the front end of a pool cue. Shaped charges are normally used in explosives and are used to channel or focus the effect of the explosive energy.

A similar theory is used with an SCT ferrule by channeling the energy further into the cue ball meaning you can generate more powerful strokes without having to change your current technique.

The result is a super positive and solid hit that will give you confidence on every shot.

Other Features of the Buffalo Dominator II Series

Although not supplied a low deflection shaft, the AAA grade Canadian maple shaft is of the finest quality and will really suit players that come from a snooker background. If you are used to having to make adjustments to your aim when playing with side then using this cue will be no different.

On top Buffalo have moved to a layered Maestri 13mm tip rather than the Le Pro style pressed leather tips of other models and series within their expending range.

A layered tip, in theory, should last longer and should also maintain its shape for much longer than a pressed tip ever will, so this is a good move.

Each Dominator II is also fitted with a sport rubber grip that not only gives good grip in the cue hand but also has some minor shock absorbing qualities.

In Brief

  • 58" (147cm) full length
  • Two piece cue with stainless steel quick release ferrule
  • AAA Grade Canadian Maple shaft
  • 13mm Maestri cue tip
  • SCT Ferrule
  • Rubber sport style grip
  • Weights from 19-21oz when available

Check out the Buffalo Dominator II cues below:

Model 1 | Model 2 | Model 3 | Model 4

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