Getting to Grips with Predator's Innovative Technology

Predator have been leading the way with their innovative technology since 1994. They are dedicated to creating nothing short of the best, and their range of cues and shafts really do deliver with their consistency, accuracy and high performance. It is not hard to see why Predator are the choice of professionals across the world - more than any other manufacturer in the industry. With that in mind, let's take a look at the technology behind their top selling products.

Vantage, 314and Z3

These shafts have been completely redesigned from their second generation counterparts. From the ten splice construction to the tip, every component has been enhanced and dramatically improved, providing more accuracy and consistency than ever. Each of these shafts use the patent-pending V-Tek technology paired with their iMatch splice selection, ensuring the density and weight of each splice corresponds perfectly with the other splices for both radial and hit consistency.

Vault Plate & V-Tek Construction

Vault Plate and V-Tek Construction

The re-engineered front end construction incorporates the patent pending vault plate. The vault plate completely re-configures the stress points between the tip, tip silencer, ferrule, and splices to create a construction that is stronger from every axis with less mass and a higher level of kinetic energy transfer.

V-Tek Ferrule

Predator's V-Tek Ferrules are strong and light, and their construction increases accuracy.

V-Tek Fiber Tip Silencing

Predator's proprietary blend creates a stronger and more tactile glueing surface, while creating an audibly pleasing sound upon contact with the ball.


Predator's Intelligent Match Enhanced Maple Pairing (iMatch)Technology
This patented process involves testing every single triangle for density, mass and stiffness for optimum pairing, resulting in increased consistency and playability. Only the highest grade North American maple is used in the construction of Predator shafts.

C4+ Technology

With C4+ technology, Predator have created cues that are strong, stable and reliable. This technology is used in the 8K cue series and in a nutshell, brings together 4 wedges that fit together perfectly, covers them in a sleeve of exotic wood and reinforces them with phenolic, which is one of the strongest materials on Earth. The 4 piece splice eliminates the need for a threaded weight bolt, meaning your cue is stronger, straighter and more stable. The strength and stability of this technology means Predator can experiment with sleeves incorporating different exotic woods and delicate inlay work which you don't typically find from other technological powerhouses. The use of phenolic again makes a stronger cue which eliminates wood movement, while the leather luxe wrap absorbs sweat and humidity whilst still protecting the cue from moisture. Not only does it feel amazing but it also increases your cue's life.

Predator's C4+ Technology



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