4 Ideal Christmas Gifts for the Snooker Fanatic in Your Life

Snooker Balls

It is already the time of year where we get numerous telephone calls and emails asking what would be an ideal Christmas gift for a snooker fanatic. Whilst there is never a right or wrong answer particularly we do try our best to give impartial advise and the items listed below are some of our top sellers and great gift ideas for the 2014-15 snooker season.

Snooker Cues

If they are a snooker fanatic then the likelihood is that they already own a cue, but at this time of year we get a lot of people looking for upgrades, looking for a completely new cue or even a different brand. A cue that will perhaps ignite their game again.

There are a vast array of cues to choose from but the main thing to look our for is hand splicing or machine splicing. Hand splicing is the traditional method developed in the 1800’s and gives a cue a real aesthetic quality.

In the lead up to Christmas one of our most popular sellers is the Joe Davis 3/4 jointed snooker cue. This cue has an ebony butt section with a quality ash shaft and sits roughly in the middle of the Peradon range. At Billiards Boutique we also offer this cue as part of a cue and case set.

Cue Cases

If they have a cue they are going to need a case to protect it, whether buying a new cue or not a new case is a great Christmas gift idea as some of them can be quite unique like a Peradon Real Leather ‘Lucky Dip’ cue case, these are all one-off designs.

We see cases get damaged quite regularly so make sure to look for an aluminium or real leather case as they will offer the best overall protection for the cue.

Christmas Hampers

We have been selling our very popular accessory kits for well over 4 years now so this year we decided to make them all the more interesting by offering them as a gift wrapped, ‘Christmas Hamper’ there are lots of different versions to choose from based on the brand of cue tips your wish to purchase in the pack but they all contain the following ingredients.

A full box of 50 cue tips (excluding Kamui and Talisman Brands that are sold differently), a full box of premium quality Triangle chalk, a Leather Magnetic chalk holder, some super glue gel, a shaft slicker, a bottle of liquid shaft cleaner and a Peradon Tip Mate cue tip tool. Prices on these hampers start at £49.97.

Snooker Balls

Whether the snooker fanatic in your life plays at home or in their local club having a decent quality set of snooker balls can make all the difference, our top recommendation is the Super Aramith 1G set.

The reason we recommend these balls is that they are perfectly balanced and matched within 1 gram across the full set. They also come in a very nice flight case to make them easy to store or to carry down to the local club. Another added bonus is that you will be using the same set of balls that the professionals use.

Help & Advice

This was never meant to be an exhaustive list but just to give a few ideas to point someone not from a snooker background in the right direction for there purchases.

We are available on the phone between 9am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday and you can also catch us on live web chat during these times on the website. If you need any help or advice at all just contact us and we will gladly help you to the best of our ability.

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