Why Buying Aramith Balls is Worth That Extra Cash

September 19, 2013 12:47

Buying Aramith Balls is worth Every Penny!

Aramith Phenolic Resin - Why does this make a difference?

Heavy Duty Design

Cheaper alternatives in the ball set market are generally constructed from polyester. With these sets the numbers (in the case of pool balls) are simply plugged into the main ball. Aramith precision engrave the numbers into a solid core that runs all the way through the ball. This means that it is impossible for the number cores to fall out. Aramith balls have homogenous parts so that even when they reach breaking point (you would need a load of 5-ton to break one), the ball breaks at random not along the number core line.

Burn-Spot Resistant

A cue ball when struck accelerates from 0 to over 20mph in justa fracyion of a second. This causes friction between the ball and cloth, the temperature of this friction can reach 250°c. Being made from phenolic resin means the balls are resistant to th resultant burn-spot (flat spot) on the balls surface. They maintain there shine far longer than other balls. This means minimal ball and cloth wear, which in turn means that they save money as balls and cloths need to be replaced less.

High Impact Resistant

Tests have shown that Aramith Phenolic Billiard Balls withstand over 50 times more impacts that polymer or polyester balls. They are also far more scratch resistant. This means yet again that buying Aramith balls saves money in the long run as they are les likely to be damaged by poorly maintained tables.

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