Snooker and Pool: Get a Grip!

The grip is where every stroke starts, get this wrong and you will find that more and more of your shots are being missed.
The first thing that players tend to do (especially those new to the game) is grip the cue too tight. Why is this a problem? This causes a problem as the muscles in the arm will tighten through the shot, this can cause a lot of unwanted sidespin or cause us to miss the right spot on the cue ball entirely.
To be a successful player your grip needs to be relaxed and maintain a constant pressure throughout every shot, whether it be a delicate cut or a powerful draw stroke. Every time, where possible, the grip pressure has to be constant.
If the grip is too loose then the opposite can happen, the cue can be dropped whilst attempting a pot or literally get thrown out of the hand.
As with most things there is never a definitive right or wrong answer and it is about finding a position on the cue that is comfortable for you. Here are some helpful hints:
  • Find the balance point of your cue by balancing it on your index finger until it stops wobbling
  • Your grip should be behind this point so that the weight of the cue goes through the ball
  • Experiment with your hand in different positions and find something comfortable
  • 6-10 inches behind the balance point is a good start
  • Grip the cue with index and middle finger and the thumb on top (creates a “V” between thumb and index finger)
  • Palm should be touching the cue and then move away when going through your stroke
Remember the key thing is to keep the grip relaxed, just feel for yourself the tension in your arm if you grip the cue too tightly. Tension in the arm will mean you miss more shots.
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