Sighting: Improve Your Cue Action Part 3

The majority of individuals have one eye that is dominant over the other. The easiest way to find this out is by pointing at a spot on a wall with your finger and with both eyes open. Then close your right eye, if it is still pointing at the spot on the wall then you are left eye dominant. If your finger moves from the spot on the wall then you are right eye dominant.
Make sure you check with both eyes as some people, (a minority), do not have a dominant eye at all.
Why is this so important? This has major importance when playing games like pool & snooker as it can mean that you can be aiming at completely the wrong part of the object ball in order to pocket it.
When getting down on your cue you should be lining up with your dominant eye over the cue and looking down the shaft. This is important because if you line up the shot with the opposite eye or even in the centre you will have a tendency to cue across the cue ball resulting in a lot more missed shots.
One of the biggest mistakes in pool & snooker is taking your eye off the object ball at the most important point. You should keep your eyes on the point you need to hit on the object ball all the way through the shot. It is easy, and lots of people do, to adjust your eyes to the path of the cue ball or even watch the pocket to make sure you pocketed the object ball. Try to keep your eyes on the most important facet of the shot – the object ball – at all times.
It is the accuracy of your cue action and where you are cueing on the ball that will determine the outcome of a shot, moving your eyes will not help you be more accurate!
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