Keeping Your Cue in Tip Top Condition

February 12, 2013 11:20

Caring for Your New Pool or Snooker Cue

You have spent the money on a new pool or snooker cue now how do you keep it in top shape? Hopefully this short guide will help!

1. Buy a Cue Case

One thing you seriously must consider is buying a cue case, whether this be a budget soft case or a high-end alumunium  case then they each have pro's and con's bt at the end of the day all cases will offersome sort of protection. Read our Cue Cases Guide.

2. The Five Do Not's

People often ask will a cue stay straight, the answer is always yes if it is treated correctly, most of them are obvious but you would be surprised how many players still do:

  • Do not subject the cue to major temperature changes (Biggest cause of warping) 
  • Do not leave near a heat supply/radiator, even in a case
  • Do not leave the cue in a car overnight or in a cold room
  • Do not throw the cue around even in a case
  • Do not leave against a wall or subject the wood to stresses by leaning on it

If you do anything of these things then it may void the warranty

3. Cleaning Your Cue

In the first instance to stop your cue from getting particularly grimy use a slightly damp (not wet) lint free cloth and simply rub up and down the shaft. You may want to finish it off with a dry cloth.

If it has become really dirty and gritty then you may want to purchase one of a number of products to clean and maintain your cue. These products are available here. These products will give an excellent finish to the wood and will protect and seal from dirt and also help to clean away chalk residue.

On some cheaper cues you will find a layer of varnish, it is advised to get rid of this with a suitable grade of sandpaper - try not to use too harsh a grade though as you don't want to remove wood. Getting rid of the varnish will give a lovely smooth, gliding finish and stops the stickiness caused by the varnish.

If you have any questions then please feel free to contact us we will be glad to help.

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