Buyers Guide: Peradon Snooker Cues

Peradon were founded in 1885 and as such are the oldest cue manufacturing company in the world. Now based in Liverpool, they were responsible for the introduction of the handspliced cue and set the standards for other companies to follow.

Joe Davis, undoubtedly one of snooker's great players, played with a Peradon cue and loved it so much he gave the company sole rights to use his name. You can buy a Joe Davis Snooker Cue today and they are available in 1 piece, 2 piece and 3/4 jointed models.

Peradon purchases more timber than any other English cue manufacturer which means that a higher quality of ash or maple is able to be selected for the production of your snooker cues shaft.

The latest Peradon range of production models was introduced in 2012. The range consists of 38 snooker cues including the Newbury Snooker Cue that features the exclusive Pro-Line low deflection shaft..

There is a myth that a handspliced cue is better than a machine spliced cue. However, that is not the case, more work is put into a handspliced model and they produce a very good looking cue which adds to the price. The machine spliced models though still use the same high quality materials and in the case of Peradon Cues even the machine made cues are hand sanded and finished.

What further adds to the price is the type of wood used in the butt, generally ebony or rosewood. In addition loads of combinations of exotic hardwoods can be added, for example the Kingwood that appears in the Peradon Ascot.

If you don't like any of the production models then you can always have a go at designing and then buying your own custom made snooker cue using Cue Wizard. The prices of these cues can be far more expensive than production models due to them being one-offs.

Each of the jointed cues are fitted with solid brass quick release joints and brass ferrules. Peradon even fit an Elkmaster cue tip as standard.

When you buy a Peradon Snooker Cue you can be assured that you are getting quality and value for money. A Peradon cue that is looked after should last you a lifetime.

Watch the official Peradon Cues video here:



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Pete (Billiards Boutique) - February 18, 2016

Hi Alan, that is not my area of expertise I am afraid. Try the website cuesnviews they may be able to help.

Alan Southgate - February 7, 2016

I have a great players Joe Davis one piece snooker cue made by Peradon I understand this may have been made in the 1980’s .
Can you put a price window on the cue it has been used but there is no damage visible

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