Jason Owen Snooker Cue - Number 279

June 13, 2014 14:20

Jason Owen Snooker Cue 279

For those of you not in the know since April last year we have been lucky enough to work reasonably closely with cue maker Jason Owen, a man whose reputation continues to grow each week, to the point that in April this year he left his job and went full time on the cue making.

What we get as a retailer is one cue per month from Jason, we never know what the cue will be and it allows him to be a bit more creative or use woods that he wouldn’t normally try.

The video below is of the May 2014 cue – number 279 that is 57.4″ length, 18.5oz weight, 9.5mm Mike Wooldridge super tip. What is great about this cue, and all Cue Guru cues, is the highest quality ash shaft, ebony hand spliced butt with four secondary splices of cocobolo, but don’t take my word for it, have a look below:


 PLEASE NOTE: This cue is now sold.

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