How to Store a Snooker Cue

Cue Craft Burgundy Aluminium Snooker Cue Case

Once you have spent all that hard earned cash on your fantastic new snooker cue you are going to need to know the best way to store it when it is not in use, although lets face it, for the first few weeks it is going to be constantly in use.

Use a Cue Case

The number 1 best way to store your new snooker cue is to use a cue case. Whilst any cue case will offer a certain amount of protection you are best advised to go for a hard attache style case as a minimum as the cue can then lay down inside the case. The more sturdy the case the better storage it is going to provide when you are just leaving it in your house. Aluminium style cases are tough and can be stood up or laid down when not in use.

Some recommended options for 3/4 length cues:

Use a Wall Rack or Cue Stand

If you don’t own a cue case (why not?) then the next best thing is to put your snooker cue into a secured wall mounted cue rack or a floor standing cue stand, this will support the cue and stop it from warping. Do not lean it against a wall when not in use, not only can it warp but also risks being damaged if someone carelessly leans or stands on it.

Some recommended options:

If all Else Fails

Sometimes when you buy your cue you don’t own a cue case or wall rack straight away so if all else fails when your cue is not in use your best bet is to store it laying flat, an ideal place would be under a bed or even under the pool table itself.

Follow this short guide and your cue should never have problems with warping or damage.

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