Introducing Fortis Snooker Cue Tips

Fortis Layered Snooker Cue Tips

What makes a great e-commerce store? One that is constantly updating and evolving, not only it’s content within the page but also it’s product offering. I have always liked to keep my ear close to the ground when it comes to new and innovative products but this one I simply sniffed out when I spoke to Tiger Products via email about two months ago.

With our premises move I have held off on launching the product but now I can introduce you to the brand new Fortis Laminated Snooker Cue Tips that we have exclusively imported from Tiger Products in the USA.

Fortis Layered snooker cue tipFor many years Tiger Products have been at the forefront of Laminated cue tip design and have developed ground breaking tips like the Sniper and Everest layered tips. The Fortis though is the companies first foray into the lucrative snooker market.

Solely available in medium hard grade and also in slightly larger 12.5mm diametre (I will be honest and say I expected the tip to be in 11mm but I suppose by opting for the larger tip it keeps players options open) the Fortis takes it name from the latin name meaning strength and power.

Fortis cue tips are made with the finest pig skin leathers in the world each layer selected for use is dipped and then aged with Tiger’s unique formula. This treatment adds strength and control whilst also making the cue tip moisture resistant, this itself will help with the consistency and playability over the life of the tip.

The trade marked VaculamTM process helps to minimise mushrooming and adds additional strength to the lamination process. In the images you will see a red line in the layer structure, this is a visual guide that Tiger puts into some of their products to give you an indication of when it is time to change your tip.

The Fortis is a premium product and with that comes a premium price with each tip costing £11.97 in the UK. However, when you weigh this up against the longevity that the Fortis offers and the consistency across every tip it is a very fair price to pay to be confident your tip is going to perform for you every time.

You can purchase a Fortis Layered Snooker Cue Tip right now only at Billiards Boutique and start to see for yourself the difference in results that this premium brand of cue tips can produce.

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