The Wait is Finally Over

Snooker Cues in Stock Today

Without doubt it has been a pretty stressful month in April, trying to gear up for the busy period that is the World Championships and then also trying to get everything into place for the move.

Moving is one of the most stressful things around but most of that stress is actually caused by 3rd parties not doing their job properly, in our case the most stress has been caused by a combination of Talk Talk Business, BT Openreach and Kelly Communications.

It was a simple request (so I thought) to move our number to a brand new line at the new premises located about 1.5 miles from the old unit. Due to mis-communication and blatant lies on the job card it meant that we were without phone or Internet for around 7 days in April. That is now sorted thankfully and we are up and running in the new building right now, as I type this!

The biggest issue comes from BT Openreach and their use of contractors, whenever I have had a business line installed there has always been a problem when the contractors are used, the trouble with paying someone on a completed job is that they will not even start the job if it looks too difficult or has problems. This was our case, the job got sent back but marked as complete, Talk Talk then ceased our line and Openreach had to come and finish the job! All a bit much really.

Also, when there are 4 Openreach engineers actually based on Portland why send a contractor from Maidenhead? Defies belief!

Anyway, enough of that, we are in and operational now with more cues than ever on display, within a week or two the table will be installed as well so you can come and try out a number of different cues to get a feel for what you like.

It’s a change of address in a much better location so I am hoping to see a number of you actually through our doors soon, might even give you a game of pool!

New premises means a slight change to opening hours, we are now open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and from the end of May we are hoping to open on a Saturday morning.

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