How Not to Buy a Pool Table

April 24, 2014 13:47

Bit of a mess

Next week we finally move into new much larger premises and as part of that move it was always planned to have a Supreme Winner Pool Table installed on site, not only as a tool for people to try out cues but also as a demo model for people wanting to purchase this brilliant pool table. [Also for me to practice on….shhhh!]

I have worked in and around this industry for 10 years (the anniversary was just before Easter) and in that time I have sold many pool tables to varying different clients across the UK, however, this was the third time I had purchased one for my own use – the store’s use I mean.

I will be brutally honest and say that I didn’t exactly get it right but being in the industry meant I kind of got away with it, so below is my essential guide on How Not to Buy a Pool Table.

Make sure you haven’t measured the space in which it will sit – That’s right, it is important that you just wing it and kind of mentally guesstimate where the table will fit in. Luckily my guesstimation was about bang on but I’m a pro with 10 years experience!

Don’t tell the installers it is going upstairs – This is also the case for going downstairs into a basement as well. You should see the look on their faces when they arrive and you tell them it’s going upstairs, absolutely priceless, well worth the extra hassle, some installers may even charge you for the laugh and it can become a right old ding dong watching them get it up those stairs.

Don’t measure the door frames and turning space – Another element where you really need to wing it and make an uninformed guess, this one really worked in our favour as the cabinet of the pool table wouldn’t fit the tight turn so 1-0 to us! The cabinet now sits on it’s own in a spare office until we can get someone to help us take it through the window on a forklift, oh the joys of being experts.

I realise it is only a short little guide but it is perfect to keep in your pocket just prior to purchasing your new pool table, especially for us as we now have a perfect slate covered in green strachan cloth and the matching cushions and top frame which fit into the unit perfectly, who needs a cabinet section anyway?

If you have any other important factors then please post them in the comments below.

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