Amazing What You Find

Recently I have been going through some old boxes of paperwork and ‘stuff’ at home. You know what I mean by ‘stuff’, the kind of items that don’t really have a collective name, just things that you have collected because you either don’t know where to put them, don’t know what they’re for or think you might need in the future. For me this is usually random electrical leads and old connectors! World Cup of Pool Signed PosterAnyway I digress, one of the things I found was completely awesome and yes I had forgotten that I had it, was there when I got it and worked to get it completed before we left.

What I am talking about is the first World Cup of Pool back in 2006, I had only opened Billiards Boutique 10 months earlier, back in October 2005, when I contacted Matchroom Sport about having some kind of vendor stand at the event in Newport.

The event itself was superb and really was great to have some minor involvement in it and we did very well throughout the weekend in terms of sales of cues, accessories and marker pens!

There were these promotional posters for fans to get hold off so I myself grabbed one with the purpose of collecting some autographs on it. The players came down into the lobby quite often and were mobbed by fans, especially the Filipinos, so collecting the autographs at times was difficult but once I had started I tried to get a complete set (bear in mind I only found the poster at the semi final stage!).

So what I did was get the autograph of every single player that was involved at the semi final stage, this included legends like Earl Strickland, Efren Reyes, Rodney Morris and Francisco Bustamante.

Well, I found this poster the other day, it was a bit ruffled in places but a cool iron over some cloth seemed to do the trick and now it sits on the wall in the office in a nice black frame. A true piece of Billiard memorabilia, a true piece of history from a tournament that is still running today, 8 years later.

The moral to the story must be you never know what you are going to find when you least expect it. I am so glad this never got thrown out or destroyed through multiple moves.

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