Which is the Best Snooker Cue?

February 18, 2014 13:24 2 Comments

Jason Owen Snooker Cue - partial image

When I am running live chat or talking to a perplexed customer on the phone one of the most asked questions I receive is “Which is the Best Snooker Cue?”

This in itself seems like such a simple question but in reality is one of the hardest questions to answer I will go into my reasons below.

A Snooker Cue is a Personal Item

It is such a personal purchase at times that it becomes almost impossible to state which is the best. The look, the feel, the stiffness of the shaft are all personal and will change with the woods being used, the weight of the cue and the manufacturing process. What might feel right for me, guaranteed somebody else will hate. Maybe partly the nature of being human and being able to choose freely what we want or is that a little bit deep?

A Question of Price

There are so many price points available now that finding the best snooker cue can in part come down to a question of budget. Buying the most expensive snooker cue available doesn’t always guarantee that you are going to have the best snooker cue or even a snooker cue that is going to be suitable to your own playing style. There are loads of factors that push the price of a particular cue higher than others.

  • The exotic woods used
  • The quality of the woods used
  • Hand spliced or machine spliced
  • Multiple decorative splices
  • Joint position
  • Brand Name
  • Custom made

I personally think it is easiest to start with budget and then work from there as if you know what you want to spend you are going to find it easier to match the most suitable snooker cue to you.

Why Top Players Choose a Custom Option?

It is not often that players release details of which cue they are using, especially snooker players, and it is very rare now to find a top level professional snooker player that is using a stock made cue. Many of them have custom cues made as they are then able to control in more finite detail what they are trying to achieve from the feel of the piece of wood in their hands.

They can stipulate the piece of ash or maple used, the length, the butt diametre, the number of chevrons or feathers in the shaft wood, the tip size, the weight and the balance point of the cue. All this to give them that perfect cue, but again I re-iterate, this only gives them the perfect cue for them, not for everyone.

In Conclusion

The quick answer is that the best snooker cue does not exist, at least in the sense that everyone can buy the exact same model and be just as happy as the next guy or girl.

However, if you take some time over your purchase and really think about what you want from the cue be it price or even weight as a start the perfect cue is out there and most often at a more reasonable price than you would think.

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