New Cue Range: Predator Throne Cues

Predator Throne Cues

Predator have for many years been at the forefront of cue making technology and have never been a company to rest on their laurels. This latest range of cues, called Throne, are high-end professional quality American pool cues utilising Predator’s latest technology and some very nice styling.

Even the plainer cues from Predator like the P3 or the Sneaky Pete models have always looked classy but when you get a range like the Throne Cues you can instantly tell the difference in aesthetic quality.

Each of the cues in the range of five has the Predator C4+ technology, a four piece core system with high grade phenolic parts that creates a butt section with the highest possible performance. It gives a solid and positive hit every time.

Players using Predator cues and shafts have won numerous World titles and will continue to do so as the technology is scientifically proven to improve your game. The Throne series is no different along with the C4+ butt section mentioned previously each of the cues is supplied with a 314-2 shaft as standard or the slimmer taper Z-2 as an option for no additional cost.

Predator Throne 5 American Pool CueThese low deflection shafts have been around for many years and there laminated construction creates a very solid hitting cue with major benefits to your game. Low deflection means that when playing with side spin the cue ball will stay straighter with less need to compensate for the cue ball ‘throwing’. It is achieved by creating a light front end which basically means the shaft moves rather than the cue ball.

Each cue is created using only the finest materials and the exotic woods on show in this range include Curly Maple, Ebony, Rosewood, Bloodwood, Cocobolo and Thuya Burl.

One of the best things about Predator is that all of their products come with a lifetime warranty against warping and manufacturing defects. At any point if the cue develops a fault that is not caused by your hand then you can return it to the factory, normally for replacement. That is how confident they are about the product.

We have limited stock available right now of the new Throne Series and you can see each one by visiting the links below:

Predator Throne 1 American Pool Cue

Predator Throne 2 American Pool Cue

Predator Throne 3 American Pool Cue

Predator Throne 4 American Pool Cue

Predator Throne 5 American Pool Cue (Pictured above)

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