Billiards Boutique's Top 10 Most Visited Products in 2013

January 08, 2014 12:35

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Today I continue my series of three posts delving into the stats and the behind-the-scenes of our eCommerce website. This time I drill down into the content a little further and pull out the Top 10 most visited product pages in 2013.

A product page is literally that, a page that contains the image, description, price and Add to Cart button for a single product.

This blog post is not intended to suggest that these are our top selling products, some are some aren’t, but it is about user behaviour and how you guys interact with our website which we can use to help us with our product offering.

So anyway enough of an introduction these were the Top 10 most visited products of 2013 by unique page views.

  1. Full Size Snooker Table | Rayleigh 12ft
  2. Britannia MK2 Snooker Cue, Extension and Case – currently no longer in our product catalogue
  3. Peradon Newbury Snooker Cue | Pro-Line Shaft
  4. Peradon Crown 3/4 Jointed Snooker Cue
  5. Blue Diamond Cue Tips | 5 Pack
  6. Peradon Winchester Snooker Cue
  7. Peradon King Snooker Cue
  8. Peradon Lazer Snooker Cue | 3/4 Jointed
  9. Peradon Classic Snooker Cue | 2 Piece
  10.  Cannon Exige Snooker Cue, Extension and Case Package

So that’s the list. Four of those items also appear on our best sellers list which is probably not surprising, however, what I do find interesting is that none of the high-end American Pool cues appear in this list.

What we tend to find is that we get a lot of browsers that just aspire to certain products, I know I do, but aren’t necessarily in purchase mode or end up buying something much cheaper. Either way it’s all cool we are a resource as much as a platform to sell products.

The final part of this series will be tomorrow when we look at where our visitors come from.

You can find Part 1 here.

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