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First up, Happy New Year, I am now back in full swing with Billiards Boutique and the majority of the post-Christmas orders have now been dealt with. One of my plans for the year was to make more use of this blog to provide you with interesting content, guides and purchasing ideas.

Over the next few posts I am going to give you a look into the ‘web stats’ of Billiards Boutique, to me it is massively interesting and important, to you guys it gives you an indication of what is hot and what is not I suppose!

This first post takes all the content pages from the store into account and using Google Analytics we can rank them by number of Page Views, I have discounted the ‘Home Page’ – which actually ranked fourth – and have then taken the next 10 pages by page views that are then ranked below.

It is probably not surprising to find that the whole of the Top 10 is made up of category pages as you guys browse for what you want to purchase. The list is below, the text for each category is the text that would appear when you are on the page:

  1. Snooker Cues with Free UK Delivery – 30348 page views
  2. Peradon Snooker Cues – Buy Online – 18908 page views
  3. Snooker Accessories | Pool Table Accessories – 15654 page views
  4. Elkmaster and Talisman Snooker Cue Tips, Snooker Cue Re-Tipping – 8708 page views
  5. Cue Craft Professional Snooker Cues – 6786 page views
  6. English 8 Ball Pool Cues from £99.00 with Free UK Delivery – 6156 page views
  7. American Pool Cues with Free UK Delivery – 5799 page views
  8. Snooker Cue Cases available in Leather with Free UK Delivery – 5771 page views
  9. Snooker Cue and Case Packages – 5636 page views
  10. Pool Cues with Free UK Delivery – 5602 page views

Well I hope you found that reasonably interesting? My next post will look at our top 10 most viewed products of 2013 and then I will round off the series by looking at our top 10 visitor countries of 2013.

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