Great Stocking Filler Ideas for a Pool or Snooker Player

November 15, 2013 13:15

Golden Brick Cue Tip Tool

As we approach ever closer to that happy and family-centred time, for most at least, I thought we would have a look at a stocking full of ideas to help you provide those small little trinket gifts that we associate as stocking fillers. But of course with a snooker and pool related edge to really get a theme started with your purchases.

Snooker or Pool Cue Tips

Always very handy to keep at home or in your cue case to enable you to make a quick replacement if you need to. We sell cue tips at Billiards Boutique in a variety of brands and pack sizes with some of the most popular listed below:

  • Elkmaster 10mm (10 Pack) – Very popular, in fact our most popular selling item over the last 12 months as they are such a versatile cue tip and very affordable.
  • Cue Tip Accessory Pack with Cannon Blue Velvet tips – These are our best value cue tips and are sold through the sizes of 9mm-13mm in diametre, the accessory packs offer very good value as they include everything you need to replace your tip.
  • Talisman PRO Layered cue tips – 10mm Soft – Another top seller a layered cue tip will last a lot longer and keep it’s shape for far longer than a pressed leather tip, they come in a pack of 3.

Cue Tip Tools

Most pastimes or hobbies come complete with there own industry related gadgets, this is the snooker and pool equivalent. The little handy tools that help shape or replace a cue tip.

  • Rounded Tip File with Clip – Handy, very light weight tool with sand paper interior that can shape a tip up to 14mm in diametre, comes with a belt or pocket clip but can just as easily fit in a cue case.
  • Peradon Tip Mate – Black – Very solid piece of kit that is a multi-function tip tool allowing you to shape, tap and pick at your newly fitted tip to get it into the shape and feel you require. Also available in a silver version.
  • Golden Brick Ultimate Tip Tool – Metal chunk of Golden delight. This tool is the perfect companion to your snooker or pool cue and fits five functions in an item no wider than a credit card. Two tip shapers, a burnisher, a tip scuffer and a tip tapper all appear on this great tool. The other bonus is that the abrasives are replaceable.

Chalk and Chalk Holders

After cue tips probably the most important piece of your armoury. Three of our top sellers are listed below:

  • Leather Magnetic Chalk Holder – Nice real leather chalk fob with a magnetic holder to hold the piece of chalk. Fits nicely over a pocket or belt whilst you are playing.
  • Leather Chalk Pouch – More traditional the chalk pouch again sits on a belt or pocket but the chalk is simply placed in the pouch.
  • Triangle Chalk in Green – The most popular brand on the market today, this pack provides you with 36 pieces of chalk for a very exceptional price. The chalk is not provided boxed as we split it down from a larger box and provide it in handy plastic zip bags.

Cue Maintenance and Cleaning

Keep your cue in pristine condition so that your performance is not hindered!

  • Cue Shaft Slicker – What can only be described as like a Brillo pad interior is used to get rid of excess chalk and grease from your cue shaft without taking any of the wood away.
  • Winners Cue Papers – Micro-fine abrasives that are washable and reusable to keep your shaft in a very clean condition.
  • Peradon Cue Towel – A lot of players swear by this type of product, washable, can be used damp or dry to wipe down a cue shaft and can also help if you have clammy hands.

So that is just a handy little guide to give you a few stocking filler ideas this Christmas for the pool or snooker player in your life. If you ever need any help just give us a call on 01305 458071.

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