Hot Snooker and Pool Products to Watch this Christmas

Fortuna Duo Milano Macasser Pool Table

I continue my series of posts (started with the Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas) in the lead up to Christmas 2013 with a look at what I think will be the hot snooker and pool related products this year.

First out the bag will be Peradon Halo Cue Cases, this range of cases have been very popular since their release in 2011, Peradon have built on their success by adding to the range in May this year with 6 more colours and styles in the 3/4 snooker cue case style and 2 more in the one piece snooker cue case style. What makes them popular and also a great gift is the various styles and colours on offer. They use designs normally seen on traditional leather cue cases but offer an affordable alternative using man made materials. The fact that the case are very robust also helps them to sell well, they all feature aluminium trim and hard bakelite-like plastic end caps to protect the cases at their weakest point.

They have only just been released this week but we expect the Fortuna Duo Pool Dining Tables to become very hot properties indeed. This range of four stunning pool tables use a technology called ‘Sla-tec’ for the bed of the table, it’s a product exclusively developed for and used by SAM Leisure the Fortuna Duo’s distributor. Basically it gives a bed that plays like a traditional slate bed but with none of the weight. What you end up with is a very lightweight pool table that can then be used as a dining table or desk and moved easily around the home. The range come complete with all accessories and there are also some excellent optional extras available.

Custom Snooker or Pool cues are my next top tip for one of the hot products of the year. Using the Cue Wizard design system you can create your own masterpiece and then Peradon will make it for you. Usual lead times are around 4-6 weeks but we do normally see an influx of orders around this time of year. Particularly popular in 2013 have been 1 piece hand made English Pool cues with an 8-8.5mm cue tip. It does seem that 1 piece cues are undergoing somewhat of a resurgence of late as players trust that this type of cue will give the best feel and balance. If paying these prices is a bit too steep there is the option of using the standard Cue Craft professional range as a template, you select a predefined design and then specify length, weight, tip size and joint position, these are then made in England by Cue Craft and with you in 2-3 weeks.

Finally to wrap up there is one snooker cue I think will be a very hot item this Christmas as it is the biggest gift buying time of year. The Peradon Newbury is the top of the range snooker cue from Peradon and features the low-deflection ‘Pro-Line’ shaft system. What this shaft essentially does is keep the cue ball straighter when playing with side spin, less compensation is needed when playing with side. It looks great with it’s laminated maple and walnut shaft and perfectly black ebony butt section. A very traditional looking snooker cue with some very modern day technological advances.

So that completes my little guide into which products are going to be very hot this Christmas as people look for the perfect gift for friends and loved ones. If you do need any further help with buying a Christmas gift for a pool or snooker fan this year then do not hesitate to get in contact on 01305 458071.

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