Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for a Snooker Player

November 04, 2013 11:29 1 Comment

Cue Craft Buxton Snooker Cue Set

We are at that stage in the year where we start to buy gifts in time for Christmas and I thought it would be a nice idea to write a short blog post with some Christmas gift ideas for a snooker player. Listed below are some of the best selling gifts from last year along with a couple of brand new products. What I am trying to tackle here are the larger gift ideas that would be a main Christmas present and will tackle smaller one’s in a later post.

1. Peradon Snooker Cues

At this time of year the Peradon range become very hot property as people look for that perfect gift. Some of the top selling cues from last Christmas season were the Peradon Joe Davis 3/4 Snooker Cue, Peradon Crown 3/4 Jointed Snooker Cue, Peradon King snooker cue and the Peradon Newbury snooker cue. One of the nicest things about the Peradon range is the vast selection of cues at different prices to suit very different budgets. It is always best to buy early as stocks soon sell out. I have linked to the 3/4 jointed models here as they are the most posuplar style of cue at the current time.

2. Snooker Cue and Case Set

Each year we put together a number of very good value cue & case sets just in time for Christmas. This year we are yet to launch the new ones but we do have a number of snooker cue and case sets already currently available, for example the Cue Craft Buxton is very popular all throughout the year and also offers excellent value for money.

3. Snooker Cue Cases

Cue cases are one of our busiest product lines at this time of year as they make a very good gift. There are a full range of cases available that will suit any budget with many cases available at a discount when purchased with a cue.

4. Aramith 1G Tournament Champion Snooker Balls

This is an awesome present for a very keen snooker player, why play with those nasty club balls when you don’t need to? This set of snooker balls is the best that money can buy and comes complete with their own flight case for easy storage. You can also be the boast of your friends as this set of balls is the official set of balls to the World Snooker tour.

5. Folding Snooker Tables

Folding snooker tables are brilliant for kids just starting out in the game or for casual home use if you don’t want to have a permanent snooker table in the house. They start at £299.00 and delivery is available within 2-5 working days, with this type of gift it is best not to leave it until the last minute as delivery can be a struggle the nearer we get to Christmas.

Bonus Idea: A Custom Made Snooker Cue – design your own cue online with Cue Wizard and Peradon will make it for you!

I hope these links and ideas give you a bit of inspiration in this Christmas buying season and as ever if you require any help just give us a call on 01305 458071.

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