Cue Craft Snooker and Pool Cue Price Rises

October 04, 2013 15:37

Cue Craft Coronet - Discontinued

I have recently received the updated price list from Cue Craft cues due to be implemented on the 12th October.

It does seem that pretty much every year now the major manufacturers are increasing their prices as the cost of wood stocks also keep increasing. Since I started selling snooker cues back in 2005 I have seen the wholesale cost of some British made cues rise by around 100%. Manufacturers are now not able to, nor would they want to, provide cheaper ebony, ash and Rosewood to construct their cues.

The materials still have to be to the highest standard and this means that prices do have to rise, the rise this time is bigger than in previous years and that is due to Cue Craft soaking the rises for as long as has been possible.

The other thing with this particular price list is the number of popular cues from over the years that have been discontinued. I understand the need to streamline businesses and cutting the most expensive items is one way of doing this, the Coronet, for many years the pinnacle of the Cue Craft professional range has gone along with the Regent and the Royal Standard triple veneer.

Models TR1, TR4 and TR8 from the popular Triumph range have also had the chop from the new catalogue. It is a shame to see these cues go but what I am going to do is expand our Cue Craft offering to include some of the excellent imported models.

Snooker cues are not the only range to be affected with 13 models from the English made PC Series pool cues range also being cut.

So just to sum up, Cue Craft prices will rise on the 12th October and will have a more streamlined Professional English made range.