A Stunning Games Room

Stunning Games Room

Now if you are like me you would love enough room in your house to have your own games room complete with pool table. For many it is becoming a reality but turning your garage or spare room into a play den bears no resemblance to the dedicated room created by two Victoria pool players in Canada.

The room which has a ceiling designed by the owner that is then made out of clear cedar is around 1000 sq. ft. which is a huge room to have in your home anyway. Add to that the fact that there are two, yes two, not one pool table in the room and it becomes a pool players heaven.

You can read the full article at Times Colonist where you can see additional photos, although many of them are of other rooms in the house which is a bit of an unwelcome distraction for us pool players.

I’m off to dream now, where did I put that tape measure?

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