A Great Concept for a Pool Tournament

Blackball Pool Tournament in South Africa

South Africa have always been a very innovative nation when it comes to the game of Blackball Pool, it was South Africa (along with a few other nations) that lobbied the WPA to include the ‘small-ball’ game within it’s structure which is why Blackball is the only small table version of 8-ball that is recognised by the World Pool Association, and is fast becoming the only real choice.

I stumbled across something today that has come from Rick and the team at Cuesport Fever, it is the Blackball Premier League, the first national singles league to take place in South Africa, and the way it has been structured really is a great concept without the need for huge TV or financial investment in it’s initial stages but with plenty of growth potential.

There are 10 players in the first season and each player plays a home and away leg like most leagues across the world, what I like here though is that each player seems to represent a different pool club so they can build or have access to their own fan base. It would I am sure (without having actually seen a match) generate the kind of atmosphere we are used to in the UK at high profile money matches.

Where pool is a more exciting game than say snooker is where there can be crowd interaction and getting behind a player representing or even playing from your club is inherent in this. This is why in my opinion it really is a great concept that could even be employed in other nations with each nations winner playing in a World Premier League – OK so I could be getting ahead of myself – but there is loads of potential with the idea!

What is important to me as a pool player and pool fan is to not see the game stagnate, it is a game that does need refreshment from time-to-time and does need innovation without detracting too far from the current rules. It also has to have concepts like the BPL in order to attract potential sponsors who for the last 10 years (and probably longer) have been hard to find and even harder to convince that pool really is worth investing in.

Find more details about the league and it’s format at Blackball Premier League.

What do you guys think about the concept, answer in the comments?

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