Cue Craft Snooker Cues, Customise For Less

August 07, 2013 09:53

Cue Craft Snooker Cues

We have been selling Cue Craft Snooker Cues since we started trading back in 2005, however, not many people realise that you can customise the standard English made designs to your own specifications without additional cost.

A standard snooker cue from Cue Craft is regarded as 57″ in length with a 9.5mm cue tip, but what if you don’t want the standard size? Well normally there would be a big cost attached to having a cue made to your specifications from scratch but with the Cue Craft professional range and the Triumph Range there isn’t, unless you are a giant and want something longer than 60″ or are a world champion body builder and want a cue greater than 22oz in weight.

The majority of the Cue Craft snooker cues are now made to order anyway and are usually delivered within 2-3 weeks (often sooner). What this means is you can specify weight, length, tip size and joint position with your order and not pay any more than our listed price.

The only downside if there is one is that you have to use the standard Cue Craft designs, anything outside of this would be regarded as a custom snooker cue and would cost you much more money.

Try it on some of the products by following the links below:

Cue Craft Monarch Snooker Cue

Cue Craft Royal Standard Snooker Cue

Cue Craft Sherwood Snooker Cue

If you need any help or guidance with regards to customising your snooker cue then please feel free to contact us, we are open 9am – 4:30pm on Monday-Friday.

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