Arena Billiards 1st UK Club to Provide Chinese 8 Ball

May 27, 2016 10:32

Chinese 8 Ball at Arena Billiards

This week Arena Billiards in Loughborough became the first UK pool club to provide a Chinese 8 Ball table to its members.

Chinese 8 Ball is a game that in my opinion is going to explode in popularity over the next 12 months. Rich Wharton wrote an article for Billiards Boutique a while back that is our most read article of all-time, read it here if you have not already done so.

Played on a 9ft table with 2-1/4" balls are pretty much where the similarities end with standard US 8 Ball. A Chinese 8 Ball table uses snooker style pockets and steel block cushions making the game seriously hard to play. Couple that with a napped cloth and you really have a crossover between snooker and pool in terms of the playing characteristics.

Tony Weafer of Arena Billiard commented on his Facebook feed that this table "will sort the men from the boys" alluding to how tight the pockets actually are.

This very table will be available from Billiards Boutique next week. In addition we will be supplying a full range of stylish Chinese 8 Ball tables that will look perfect in a club or home environment.

Images are below. If you want early access to prices please drop Pete Williams a message on the usual email address.

Traditional 9ft Chinese 8 Ball Table

The Minstrel 9ft Chinese 8 Ball Table

The Majestic 9ft Chinese 8 Ball Table

The Regal 9ft Chinese 8 Ball Table

The Emperor 9ft Chinese 8 Ball Table



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