How to add some weight to your Peradon snooker cue

Peradon Spacer WeightQuite often I get asked by customers how they can add a bit of weight to their snooker cue.

The only way to do this previously was to find a cue maker that would drill out the butt and add some weight inside the cue.

However, since last year Peradon came up with two ingenious ways to add some weight to their full range of cues at a fraction of the cost and none of the hassle.

The first of these 'tools' (pictured above) is the Peradon solid brass spacer weight. This chunk of machined brass will add 3oz to the weight of your cue. As the name suggests it is designed to sit in the joint of your cue on both a 3/4 jointed and 2 piece Peradon snooker cue. Bear in mind because of this it will also add around an inch to the overall length of your cue as well.

The other thing you will notice is that your balance point moves forward to adjust for the extra weight.

Although designed to fit into the joint of a Peradon cue one of our customers has used this weight in the base joint so that an extension will fit straight in without having to remove a weight each time.

This brings me on to the second 'tool', the Peradon Brass Bumper Weight. This weight adds 1.5oz to your cue weight but will only fit into the base joint of your cue.

Adding weight in this position will bring the balance point further back, there is a positive thing about this weight though. It doubles up as a butt protector, if you drop your cue to the floor the brass weight will protect the bottom of the splicing.

The only pain is that if you want to use an extension you need to remove the weight each time.

These weights will only fit on a genuine Peradon cue as they are designed for their joint system. I wonder how long it will be before other makers follow suit?

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