Introducing the revamped BB Points

BB POintsCollect points with every purchase and then use those points to buy new stuff!

That is the essence of what the BB Points program is all about.

Each purchase you make via our website will count towards your accumulated points and then you can use those points to purchase actual products from us.

There are a few rules that you need to know in advance though:

  • You need to have a Billiards Boutique account (sign-up for one for free with an email address) so that we can keep track of your points.
  • Points are not instantly available, there is currently a delay of 8 days between a purchase and the points balance being shown in your account. This is in case of order cancellation or refunds. We are testing this delay period so it could change at anytime.
  • There are some limitations to the reward system at the moment, points can only be redeemed to pay for whole products, this bypasses the usual checkout system. (We hope in future the points can be used as partial payment towards an order).
  • We cannot apply points retrospectively.
  • We cannot apply points from eBay or Amazon purchases.

In order to use the points you need to visit the product you require and use the Buy for BB Points button. At this time if you have enough for multiple products then you will have to do this for each product.

The BB Points button will only appear when you are logged into your account.

So, like around 200 customers already, go on and start collecting some points and see what you can buy with them.

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